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The success that DJ E Dubble has had as of late is no surprise given the amount of work that has been put into his career. Everyone in his neighborhood knew that whatever he put his mind to he would accomplish. So when the decision to become a DJ was made his hometown of Fitchburg, Mass got behind him. The decision was influenced by Watching “Juice” and wanting to be just like “GQ.”

The foundation of his career was built off of an extensive catalog of Mixtapes, which include numerous A-List artists such as Big Sean, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. The Mixtapes eventually lead to Nightlife and corporate events and eventually Radio.

E Dubble was introduced to DJ Pup Dawg who at the time was the Music Director at WJMN in Boston by a mutual friend. Upon meeting his boss he gave him 4 Mixtape releases at once which earned him a reply of “You don’t play huh?” as well as a guest appearance on the Sunday Night “Tropical Blends” show. After showing that he deserved to be on the stations roster a permanent slot was given to E Dubble. Most recently “Personality” has been added to his repertoire as he handles weekend shifts as well as random times throughout the week. Host of “The Launch Pad” which is a staple in New England for up and coming Rappers music and interviews. If you are in Boston, New England or have the IHeartRadio App make sure you lock into JAMN 94.5 and see what E is all about! When not on your radio or in the club E Dubble is on the road as the official DJ for Joyner Lucas.

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